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We're a group of professionals offering free mentoring programs for career development to Latin-American students and young professionals from vulnerable backgrounds #EmpowerLatins

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Welcome to Ekpa'palek! Mentorship programmes in languages besides English could unlock opportunities for young people in Latin America. We believe that by boosting mentorship programmes we can unleash all the professional talent going untapped in Latin America! Our blog is read in 116 countries, and the videos on our YouTube channel have been viewed more than 70K times in total. Some of our mentees are now studying or doing internships at top universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, among others. If you like our content (mentoring platform, YouTube channel or blog), please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support!


Bienvenidos a Ekpa'palek! Si te gusta nuestro trabajo (plataforma de mentorías profesionales, canal de YouTube o nuestro blog) por favor considera invitarnos un café. Gracias por tu apoyo.