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Hi there 👋 It's a pleasure to have you here.

Let´s jump to the good stuff.

If you are reading this you have a passion 🧡, that "thing" that gives you freedom, tranquility, air, flow, peace. But also, you have a job you might like but doesn't fulfill you, you wake up for the same routine working for others and not for yourself. 

Well, I'm here to turn that passion 🧡 into your lifestyle 😍. An by lifestyle I mean, you want to wake up to do what you enjoy 🔨 and be with the people you love 😊, but still need to pay for bills, rent, utilities, credit cards, etc... 💰

So, this is why I created this page here Buy Me A Coffee, to help you turn your passion into your lifestyle, and by doing that, you also support creating mine 🤝. Reciprocal relationship. Yeahhh.

Let´s do it.