Hi 😊,

Let's make this straight, experience and mentorship have told me that to be consistent with my writing I must write to myself. This might sound narcissistic or egocentric, but, the reason I do this is to give me that voice of advice I didn't have when turning my passion into my lifestyle and to add some historical background, the emperor Marcus Aurelius did this, his personal thoughts actually became the book "Meditations" which was originally named "To myself". So it's not weird to write to yourself, it is actually therapeutical.

So, by writing to myself, I will, at the same time, be giving you the roadmap and tips to turn your passion into your lifestyle. It doesn't matter what passion you have, from painting to music, from fashion to cooking, any passion, hear me right, any passion can be monetized and be turned into a lifestyle, and that is why you are reading this small text. 😁

Welcome and let's make this happen.