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In today's blog, I will talk a little bit about monetization and pricing. Even when we say we don't do our passion for money, we have that little voice inside our head making calculations on how we can make money doing what we love the most.

Before we get into numbers, let me tell you something if you aim for the money, you won't get it, and if you do, don't use it as a motivator because when bad weather comes and money stops coming in, you will get very very very disappointed compared to a person that doesn't aim for the money.

Question for Andrés, Are you making a living from your passion?

André's answer: No 😅. I have just found out that this is my passion hahahaa, so as I said, I am on the same train as you turning our Passions into our Lifestyles, and I am documenting and sharing my journey with you 😍

Question for Andrés, So how you know to not to aim for the money?

André's answer: Well, ´cause in every little business I did before, the clients I got came when I showed how passioned I was when serving their needs or solving their problems, on the other side, the clients I didn't get or didn't pay me, were the clients that didn't feel my passion. Additionally, customers I have helped saw better monetization results when doing passionate activities instead of not passionate activities.

OK Andres, let's talk about the money.

Allrightttttt, I will make just two examples of monetization as every monetization technique is custom-made for every person´s passion. This is the reason people fail at their businesses because they copy monetization techniques from other people and when it doesn't work, you feel bad and feel cheated.

Every passion is unique, and its monetization technique is unique.

  • Example 1: Passion: Helping people find mental calmness with painting.

  • Example 2: Passion: Helping women cope with anxiety triggered by deep emotional discussions with their partners.

Assuming you can live comfortably with 2000 EUR and operational costs of 10%. Here are the examples.

Example 1:

Passion: Helping people find mental calmness with painting.

Your passion is connected with painting, but you feel your art doesn't have any monetary value ( you won't sell your art), yet, you find out that people find calmness when watching you paint.

  1. Selling group Zoom or Twitch meetings when doing an art piece. 20 EUR per meeting for 100 persons.

  2. Selling your recordings of art like Bob Ross. 5 EUR per recording for 100 persons, 4 recordings per month.

  3. Selling 1-1 hourly art piece session. 100 EUR per session for 20 persons per month.

  4. Selling memberships to access your art piece recordings library. 5 EUR monthly for 400 persons.

Example 2:

Passion: Helping women cope with anxiety triggered by deep emotional discussions with their partners.

Your passion is connected to helping women as you are living the same situation and feel you cannot stand watching other women suffering the same and no one is there to support them. Yet, you know the solution is not physiology sessions or doctor appointments as it's the same judgment and bad advice.

  1. Selling access to a community of the same target group to share their stories. 2 EUR per month for 1000 persons.

  2. Selling a group Zoom meeting with presentations on how to cope with anxiety. 20 EUR per meeting for 100 persons.

  3. Selling membership to access a blog with stories, advice, suggestions, recommendations on how to cope with anxiety. 5 EUR monthly for 400 persons.

  4. Selling a business listing of anxiety-related services, products, or professionals. 10% per transaction, average transaction of 15 EUR, 1333 transactions per month.


There are many other infinite ways to monetize your passion, the examples we used here were just to show you different ways on how you can monetize your passion without breaking the bank account.

When monetizing your passion the limit is your imagination but is very important that you are very very passionate in order to increase desirability in what you do in order to solve a problem or serve a need in a specific market.

Hope this gives a little evidence on what you can do to turn your Passion into your Lifestyle.

Note for me: I should have given more monetization examples but today I am very tired, hehehe, heavy but very satisfying day at work. Yeahhhhhh

Big hug,