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In today´s blog we are going to talk about the Why you are so good at doing your Passion, but struggle to sell it to the world.

Table of Content

  1. Background

  2. Superpower is bad?

  3. Your Situation ( good at passion, bad at selling)

  4. The solution

  5. The other solution


As many of you already know (or if you didn't know) I have three superpowers. Empathy, Adaptability & Seeing potential in people when they don't see it in themselves.

The third superpower, Seeing potential in People, is the one that has inspired me to create this series of blogs on Turning your Passion into your Lifestyle.

That superpower is the one that energizes me to move forward, to see good in people, to still fight for a good cause, and don't lose hope in helping humanity ( Earth will still be here after we disappear, saving the earth is the byproduct of helping humanity, but this is a story for another time) 🥰

That superpower is the one that makes my Passion be my Passion, but that came with two big caveats:

One, lots of people feel uncomfortable when I tell them I believe in them, or when I told them I see potential in them. It is intriguing to see the way people react when I say "I see potential in you" to them. Most of the reactions are timid reactions, as we are not used to receiving compliments (adulations). In this specific case of my superpower, it also depends on sex gender, sometimes the person I'm talking to tells me I sound "salesly" other times I sound "flirty".

Two, "Potential" means getting out of our comfort zone, which requires you to feel uncomfortable. I understand how our human safety mode activates when feeling in danger, so getting out of our comfort zone in some way triggers that state, which then people feel I am putting them in danger and they want to get away from me.

Superpower is bad?

Andres, why are you telling us of all that? Does that mean that your Superpower is bad?

Well, no, is not that my superpower is bad. The before mentioned situations were from people that are not part of the segment I help. But in order to know who is my segment, I need to try it with the masses. This is how I validate if my Passion can actually be desirable to people to pay for a byproduct of my Passion.

Additionally, those caveats I previously mentioned, are how people feel when you approach them trying to sell your Passion:

  • Most of the reactions are timid reactions because they don't want to make you feel bad and just want to get away from that conversation. You will face lots of different reactions depending on the people you are offering the value of your Passion.

  • You will also make people feel uncomfortable, when you reach people, enter their personal space, they simply are going to reject you.

You Situation

Now let's see your situation, you have a Passion, you have run several scenarios in your head on how your Passion helps you and can also help others, additionally, you also think about the way you can monetize it

"If I sell it for 40 USD, and I sell 100 that is 4000, yeah I will do that"

"If I sell it for 5, but they might buy 5 per month, that is 25 USD per client, so if I have 100 clients, is 2500 USD"

"If I sell......

Maybe you have never felt comfortable selling your services or selling anything at all, even though you know you are good at what you do and know you can help people with your Passion.

This situation of people trying to monetize their passion got me asking the following questions.

  • Why are people who are doing good with their Passion, are so bad at communicating or selling themselves?

  • Is it just that they are so focused on doing their Passion, that they haven’t even thought to focus on the sales or communication side?

  • Or is it that they feel bad about selling or communicating what they do?

The reality is..... branding, marketing, sales, it doesn’t have to be bad!

I also think that a lot of people believe that ‘branding’ is for big (unethical) businesses and that if you are doing good with your Passion you don’t need that stuff.

The truth is that people who are doing good with their Passion, need ‘good branding’ even more. Why? Because the playing field is not level. And in a world with so much bad stuff happening, the world needs what you have to give even more. But you can’t get it if you are all playing small and hiding yourself away.

The solution

Take a step forward, you are already selling, we do "sell" in some way every day, to your bosses, to your friends, to your family, to your partner, to you.

You sell when you want to get your opinion in front of others in a meeting, you sell when you are looking for salary raise, you sell when you negotiate prices, you sell with the way you dress, you sell with the way you talk, etc.... Now the process is to do this systematically, sales can go in two ways: One, you go to the customer, or Two, you let the customer come to you.

Both are difficult, both take time, both require to put heart, soul, and sweat, the only difference is how "comfortable" you feel putting yourself out there. If you decide to go for the customer, nice! If you set a website and optimize your content for SEO stating your offer, the value you can deliver and the outcome the customer will have, that´s nice too!

The point is, you have to try, try and try, and get rejected, get rejected and get rejected to learn what you did wrong.

The other solution

Talk to me and I help you monetize your Passion and turn it into your Lifestyle.

Lets do it!

Note for me: I fucking love what I do!

Big hug,