Hi there 😍,

Today's blog wont be that long, I just want to share a thought I've been digging a lot lately.

The obstacle is the way

This last week has been amazing, I modified my routine to start writing in the morning, finish in the evenings and write longer blogs. It did pay off!

I love having that ritual, 6:10 am I'm already sitting on the couch, still with darkness, all black, only the laptop and me 🧡.

But, as good as it sounds, it came by challenging myself to change my habits and routines. Writing has become so important to me that I start to feel I cannot live without it, its like, OMG, I am becoming what I never thought I was going to become........a creator of content 😱.

I put this face 😱 both as a little joke but also a surprise because for years I always told myself that creating content was very difficult, that content creation is a superpower, and was creating my own limitations on that because I literally was afraid of any of my content was good.

I think the fear or in this case limitation was founded in my bad design skills, mean I put myself to believe that creating content was only about graphical or art design🎨 , but, creating content comes in infinite forms, in this case, writing is working for me 🖍💻.

What I am feeling is kind of weird actually, because, for years colleagues, family and friends have told me to open a YouTube channel 🎬, but I always came with the excuse of......." no, no, no, no, I'm not that good at content creation".

But fucking hell, I am actually good at it, maybe to the best, but fuck it, I am writing at this moment and I feel the best, I feel that Is worth reading it, I feel I am helping others, I feel me, I feel I can do with everything 💪.

An this is it, what I set my mind as a limitation, as an obstacle, I challenge myself to change my habits and routines, and what I thought was an obstacle, it became the way 🧡🧡🧡🧡🥰💡.

If you want to know about The Obstacle is the Way, there is actually a book by Ryan Holiday where he describes how stoics take control of the situations and literally make the obstacles the way. Totally recommended.

I wish you an amazing day.

Note for me: Amat Victoria Curam

Big hug,