Hi there 😊,

Today's blog is a little bit more advance, by advance I mean, this is aim mostly at you and me who might already have a clue about what is our passion, we are doing it but we are struggling to sell it. However, even you are still in the quest of looking for your passion, this blog might be a nice tasting to put you in the right mindset.

Just to clarify, I'm not going to explain every step by step on how to sell, that is for the upcoming blogs and the final "product" I'm working with which might be called "From passion to lifestyle - The Ultimate Guide"

All right, so let's continue.

We are all in this predicament, we have a passion, but how the fuck do we sell it?

The next quote was made by my dad German Alirio Cuaran 🥰

It doesn't matter if you study sales or not, we all sell, you just need to do enough times to make it your trade.

In translation, you might hear the concept that we are all salespeople, and we are all salespeople, maybe 2000 years ago it wasn't called SALES, but the act of exchanging "something" for other "something" makes us "salespeople" and has been coded in our DNA for centuries.

So what is required to create this so-called Exchange?

Let's mix the ingredients.

  1. You need a Source, in this case, you.

  2. You need a Pathway, in this case, the bridge, and

  3. You need a Receptor, in this case, your customer.

That's it, thank you for reading. Bye-bye. 😁

Hehehe, sorry.

Alright, in order to make this Exchange understandable I will use an analogy. The analogy of romance. 😍

Romance is a crucial part of every species on earth, from bacterias to humans, romance ( or chemical romance - not the music band ) is needed to maintain the survival of the species and of course for humans ... to love.

So, romance, let's start from the end to the beginning, receptor to the source.

  1. The receptor, the person you like, is in need of romance, love, or procreation.

  2. In order to supply romance, the receptor uses the Pathway, the bridge to find romance. That person will attend events, use apps, buy good-looking clothes, all in all, to create that bridge for a source to provide that romance.

  3. On the other side is you, ready to provide your romance (your passion)

You might be asking, Andres, how all is related to all being salespeople and the fact that I don't know how to sell.

Well, my dear reader, in romance as in business, the best salespeople are not the sources who create the pathways, the best salespeople are the sources that know how to identify the best pathways (bridges) to supply the need of the receptor and cross the bridge that matches the romance the receptor is looking for.

Let's change directions, you are the receptor, as we are usually are, we are the customer, we need romance, we go to events, use apps, buy good-looking clothes.... so we can create the bridge for a source to provide that romance. We look for people (sources) that can supply that need and we let just the best ones cross the bridge.

The point is, selling is identifying and crossing the best bridges.

Without going into more technicalities about audiences, market shares, product-market fit, etc...

You are not good at selling is not because your passion is not needed or dont know who is your customer, you are not good at selling because you haven't identified and cross as many bridges as you can.

And that my dear reader, is what Andres passion is all about. To help you identify and cross the correct bridges.

So, let's do this, keep doing your craft, and let me know if you need guidance on how to identify and cross the correct bridges (selling)

Thanks a lot for reading.

Note for me: Yeahhhhhhh, I love explaining crazy and heavy concepts, I know I'm not the best one at this, but there is always room for improvement. Yeahhh motha fockasssss.

Big hug,