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Hi! My name is Eleanor, I'm a 2nd Assistant Editor in the Film & TV Industry and blogger about all things breaking into post-production! I have previously worked on shows including Slow Horses S1 Part A and S1 Part B (Apple TV+), Temple S2 (Sky), and Roadkill (BBC).

Before I took my first steps into the Film and TV Industry, I really wanted to find my first job but had no clue how! Finding information online was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! We all know how challenging starting out in the Film & TV Industry can be.

I would like to empower, educate and increase access to industry resources to help you break into post production.

On my website, I write posts about breaking into post production, share insight into real cutting rooms and collect essential industry resources you can use to start your career. Supporting my blog through buying me a coffee allows me to keep my blog, resources and website live so that I can continue to provide the resources that have helped me break into post-production, in the hope they will help you too!

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