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Hello! Thank you so so much for supporting my work!

My name is Eleanor and I am an artist inspired by natural history and a growing collection of old books.

I  create illustrations and papercuts of the natural world which are based upon my collection of antiquarian and vintage natural history books, and the wildlife around me in the Lake District in the UK. I am particularly interested in invertebrates, especially freshwater and marine life in Britain. However, as I am always unable to choose just one subject to learn about, I also research insects (especially beetles and moths), bird life, native British mammals and wildflowers.

My work is also inspired by beautiful book covers, star charts and old maps, scientific models and diagrams, vintage fashion and dress history and explorers sketchbooks. I am always looking for new ways to use my illustrations, experimenting with using them to create costumes, build scientific models and create my own books.

Thank you again for your time, support and encouragement :)