Very recently I asked on Twitter: "Do you feel proud of yourself", before I see the answers I was sure that people would say "Yes"... boy, I was wrong!

To my surprise, many people said they are not proud, so although my initial thought was to create a motivational tweet it turned out (by some people) to be the exact opposite.

Since I couldn't prove my point on Twitter, which by the way it is YOU SHOULD FEEL PROUF OF YOURSELF, I'm going to try to do it here!

Feel proud

~ You don't have to be rich, you don't have to own a house, a Ferrari or have all the latest tech trends at your home.

~ Feel proud that you have internet connection and a computer to do your job.

~ Feel even more proud that you have your health, a home, a family.

You don't even have to have all those things to feel proud. Just 1 or 2 and it's enough.

~ Celebrate the small wins.

~ Celebrate a task you completed.

~ Celebrate that you help your mom on her old computer.

~ Celebrate the help you gave to an older person at the grocery shop.

~ Feel happy that there is peace in your country.

~ Feel happy that there is electricity in your house.

~ Feel happy that you can use the internet and learn literally everything that you want.

~ Forget how you felt yesterday.

~ Forget your ex-boss or your ex-partner that told you you are unworthy.

Cause you do worth everything you have! You are powerful and you are strong. I'm not saying you should forget your past, no, we learn from our mistakes, hell I made so many mistakes... but these are the things who shape you, these are the things that make you worthy.


Usually, when I include a Tweet on my posts I'll write pretty much all the answers, this time I won't do that. I want to include only the positive answers!!