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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a Sandwich.!

Hi! I’m Debra,

I am a Passionate Self-Care, Anti Abuse Life Coach, Advocate, who is all about sharing thoughts, information, and research on everything healing, recovery, and restoration from toxic relationships that will add to making your days feel better.

If you enjoy my videos I would greatly appreciate your support that would allow me more time and the flexibility to continue to create new content and videos. 

I have an account with Buy Me A Coffee where you can buy me a sandwich to support my work.  I like sandwiches better than coffee. 

It is very important that we can always have the opportunity to spread "Anti" all types of "Abuse" messages as much as possible.  This is so we can try to eliminate the horrible damage that it can cause to our society, the human race, our life, our safety, our mind, bodies, spirits and soul.   

I also will be donating 25% of my donations to someone who is in need, which I will be posting updates about in a follow-up content and or videos.    

Many thanks for your support, I greatly appreciate each and every person who support me.