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Hello dear friends! 

This year, 2021, I want to put all my energy in to creating my next album of original songs. My favourite part of fundraising is that I get to think of all kinds of creative ways to share my art and music with you. 

I’m kicking things off with Elfin Bow’s January Jack-a-nory, a whole month of daily readings from my favourite fairytales, folk tales and legends. These will be released on my YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram. 

To support me in this venture, you can buy me a coffee, or two, or ten! 

All proceeds will go towards the creative community that will be involved in making my album happen, including the musicians who share their talents, the recording engineer, mixing, mastering, design work and manufacture. 

Thank you for dropping by! I hope to see you along the way, 

Love and respect, 

Elfin Bow xxxx
@AlisonLayland bought 3 coffees.

Loving the stories. Good luck with the new album - look forward to hearing it!" (So, no pressure...) 💚💜💚

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David bought 5 coffees.

love the stories, love to you and all your family xxx

Louise bought a coffee.

Sending love and support for your latest creative project, Lou xxxx

Jayne & Chris
Jayne & Chris bought a coffee.

We are so looking forward to your next album! xxxx