I have been struggling with reading and all the distractions life brings. From news to politics and podcasts to TV shows and movies. I feel like I've been torn in so many directions recently that I've noticed I've been sleeping a lot.

I looked at my Goodreads Reading Goal for 2020. I'm not sure if everyone is feeling the same way I am, but I notice my mental health being worse this year than in previous years. I set my goal this year to a modest 50. That's the average goal bookworms aim for, and I've only read twenty-one up to the writing of this post.

I'm hoping next year will be better, hopefully, I'll be employed again and do better money management. I will keep running the blog of course because it's something I'm passionate about.

Meanwhile, I'll just be taking it one day at a time, read what I can, and hope for a better future for us all.