Opening: Catching up.

@d4rkm4tter: Rough week.
@elkentaro: preparing for the 50k this weekend. Trying a different strategy and route, mainly because of the flooding and to fight the mind numbing boredom. Did the stairs of success as an offering to the leg-gods. Of course this week my rig decides to crap out , was having a bunch of weird issues with kismet, turns out the sd card was worn out. Not enough to not boot or look like shit wasnt working but enough for shit to go haywire.

If you are experiencing weird issues, try a fresh card and a fresh install.

@bradanlane send me a thing.

In the news:
Bangladesh: Bonton to provide WiFi-sharing services
"Bonton, a WiFi-sharing app, has been making strides in solving crucial pain points of the general internet users, especially for young individuals and businesses.
Bonton works by providing a platform for the 'host' to share their home/business WiFi with the user. "

Free WiFi On Next Dragon Spacecraft? Elon Musk Makes Promises To Inspiration4 Crew

"Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that the early next year, Space X is also planning its next private trip where a retired NASA astronaut will escort three wealthy businessmen to the space station for a weeklong visit. The US space agency had initially opposed the concept of space tourism. However, now it acts as a supporter. "

- So how do we get them to install wigle ?
How do we crowdfund wigle / kismet in space.

More miner stuff.and other stuff.

Bobcat miner troubleshooter page

1st Gen:

Chip breakdown

FCC Reports

Radio card SX1302

More breakdown


Plugs and announcements.



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tweet solution:
The music score for Christine Sixteen by Kiss.
Kiss = rock band = bobcat miner's chip , Rock Chip.
-Always wigle like you mean it.

- Kismet rocks.

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