Opening: Quick catching up.

@d4rkm4tter:. Totally forgot we had a stream today and I am terribly sorry.

@elkentaro: played in the Shmoocon Consolation 2022 RFCTF. Placed 3rd in individual standing. Team whatthefreq won. Also decided to build a new rig,cause why not.

Special "unicorn guest" @dragorn: Life is good.

The legend, the myth the awesome
@dragorn / @kismetwireless

RAPID 10 questions.

  • What is your favorite word?

    • wifi

  • What turns you on?

    • packets

  • What sound or noise do you love?

    • quiet / sound of silence

  • What is your favorite curse word?

    • fuck that

  • Vim or Emacs

    • vim ( I have a story)

  • Pineapple on Pizza , yes or not?

    • Sure

  • What are you NOT Very Good at?

    • java /perl/ruby

  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

    • I was an english major / writing

  • Tell me something that's true that almost nobody believes about you

  • If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

    • good job.

vim story time.

Before we dive into the deep end that is kismet , first some kismet basics:

  • Why is it called Kismet?

  • How did it come to life? (how long ago ?)

  • What's with the new release?
    - Significant performance improvement.
    - War driving mode.

  • The one advice you would give anyone starting out with kismet.

Some other mentions.

@dnsprincess's birthday is coming up!

Happy birthday!!!

@straithe is game streaming on twitch.

-Always wigle like you mean it.

- Kismet rocks.

Next Episode : check our twitters @elkentaro, @d4rkm4tter, @wirelesshit.