Opening: Quick catching up.
@d4rkm4tter:Went snowboarding and it was awesome had fun. Learned that
shooting video and snowboarding is hard. I wanted to stay more but was
met with some opposition. Did not do a hospital roll.

@elkentaro:I'm cleaning up shop and I can't find anything anymore. So either I should stop cleaing up or just leave it as is for now. On a sadder note, I am banned by @nikita to make any further content suggestions for defcon.. 

Started "Come hack/code/write with me keyboard asmr kind of stream"

We have a special guest this week, but before we get to her some news we need to cover.

Wifi in the news;

<37> is in trouble!!
Akr from Who and why people voted for "shut it down"

Congrats on @MG @hak5 and another very cool release. (not a sex toy)
There now is also a payloads scoreboard :

School district ready to distribute WiFi mobile hotspots
T-Mobile’s Project 10Million (launched in April .2020)

D4rkm4tter is now working on some top secret project!!!

We haz @str41the up in here!!

  • The Great Scott Gadgets Free Stuff Program.

10 rapid questions:

  • What sound or noise do you love?

    • crunching snow sound

  • What is your favorite curse word?

    • cunt

  • Vim or Emacs

    • vim

  • Pineapple on Pizza , yes or not?

    • I can't eat pizza. so neither.

  • What are you NOT Very Good at?

    • Shutting up.

  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

    • What if its what I am doing?

  • Tell me something that's true that almost nobody believes about you

    • I slept on Paul Mccartney's couch.

  • If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

    • The orgy is in the back. And yes you can now have cheese.

The Great Scott Gadgets Free Stuff Program

What is is and how long have you been offering it?
- Started in 2014 and we are trying the make the world a better place through open source projects and various initiatives.

The chip shortage has caused us significant headaches and we had to push back the Luna launch.

Also want to help out other open source projects with marketing or swag fulfillment.

Gaming and @straithe.

What game(s) are you playing now?
-Gunfire Reborn

What's your recommendation for games of 2021?
- Hades.

Interview with sticker makers will return shortly.

Some other announcements:

neil young we will host your music.
also Spotify if you need more "controversial outrages content" we are available.

-Always wigle like you mean it.

- Kismet rocks.