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I'm Ella and I am making a website dedicated to helping students understand physics and I also stream in my spare time. Please help me eat if you can!

I'm Ella and I have a degree in Astrophysics. During my time studying from secondary school through to university I learnt a few things:

1. Scientists should not be allowed to make websites
2. Scientists find it hard to explain topics in a simple way
3. Physics is hard (but rewarding)

I hope this website can eventually be a one stop shop for everything physics, with the topics from GCSE through to degree level well organised and explained as simply as possible.

Everything you see on this website I have done myself unless I've said so - drawing, writing, research. If you have found this resource useful in some way I would be incredibly grateful for a small donation towards me being able to eat/live (I'm super unemployed)... Thanks!