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The Sofa (a free short story)

The Sofa (a free short story)

Jun 05, 2021

Ella and Leo are at a party at Luca's and it's just as wild as usual ;)

It was well past midnight and Luca's house was still full of the young, wild and reckless.

"You know, Leonardo Loren..." I said smiling to the ceiling as we lay on a sofa in Luca's living room.

It seemed to smile back, but maybe I was just really drunk.


He lolled my head to the side and sighed as he rolled his eyes. But his face was strange and distorted. Maybe he was sticking out his tongue, so I stuck my tongue out too.

"Life's not perfect," I said, "We will never be perfect. Get used to it."

He laughed.

"I don't need us to be perfect. I just need you to not give me a premature stress-induced death."

"... Doesn't sound too bad for me."

He gave me a sarcastic smile, "Fuck you."

After nuzzling my head into his chest, I licked my finger and held it up into the musty, hot air of the house.

"Do you taste the air?"

"Tastes like beer, sweat and pizza."

I shook my head.

"The taste of youth. These kids don't know what they're doing in life. They don't have a purpose or direction yet. And that's okay because most of them will figure it out. But I never got the chance to figure it out. Neither did you. We had no choice but to be Alpha and Luna. Everything was decided for us and that really fucking sucks. I wanted to be an astronaut."

Leo grimaced, "Luca didn't give you drugs, did he?"

I frowned.

"Why would Luca- wait Luca has drugs and he didn't give me any?! What the fuck!"

As I shot to my feet, he grabbed my hand and hauled me back onto the sofa.

"You're not doing drugs. And you're not drinking any more either," he said as he took the cup out my hand and set it aside.

"I'll do what I want, thank you very much," I snapped, reaching for it again.

"Uh, uh," he said, standing up and throwing me over his shoulder. "We're gonna go somewhere quiet and I'm gonna get you some water. You need to sober up."

Leo carried me through the crowds his inebriated pack members to the kitchen where he got a glass of water.

"Luca, you come with me too," he said as he grabbed Luca by the air on the way to the basement, "You need a sit-down and probably a bucket too."

Luca had been hanging off the bannister seconds before and couldn't argue as Leo dragged him with us.

When we came into the basement, Leo flicked on the light and groaned.

"Ew Mateo. What is it with you and basements?"

Mateo was on a sofa, Allison beneath him, his face buried in her mouth. He looked up and grinned as Allison slammed her hands over her eyes.

"Do you mind, brother?" Mateo asked, "This room is occupied."

There was one grotty old sofa in Luca's basement that reeked of stale beer and had some pretty suspicious stains.

"Go and find somewhere else to fuck your Luna," Mateo said, "We're busy here."

Leo had put me down beside him and Luca and I both leant against him, my head spinning as Luca grinned uncontrollably.

"I'm clearly not here to fuck," Leo hissed, "Why the hell would Luca be with us?"

Mateo shrugged, "New kink?"

Luca's eyes lit up, "Alpha you have a Luca kink?!"

Leo clenched his jaw before dragging us both down the stairs of the basement as Mateo groaned and grabbed his shirt.

"Ella's drunk and this is the only quiet room in the house," Leo said, "Besides, Mateo. Do you really want to catch an STI from that sofa?"

"For fuck's sake," he grumbled, getting up and helping Allison to her feet too, "Luca, we're using your bed."

Luca opened his mouth to object but they had already hurried out and slammed the door behind them.

"But I cleaned my sheets today," Luca said disheartedly.

"What the fuck did you give my Luna to drink?" Leo asked he sat us down on the disgusting sofa.

"A cocktail."

"Made of...?"

Luca swallowed, "Tequila, vodka, whiskey, rum and gin. Oh and a slice of lemon."

"Fucking hell, Luca! Were you trying to kill her?"

Luca threw his hands up.

"Is it my fault that she can't handle it?"

"Are you fucking blind? She's tiny."

"Hey guys," I said, looking up at their blurred faces, "Can you stop arguing and get me some weed."

"... weed?" Leo repeated.

"Yeh. The green stuff you smoke," I said, "Marco and Carlos probably have some."

Luca laughed, "Fuck yes! Let's get high!"

"No," Leo said deeply.

"Alpha, we always used to get high," Luca said, "Back in school. Now you're all Mr Responsible. Live a little."

"My Luna is not smoking Marco and Carlos's skanky weed that's probably laced with rat poison and bleach. Especially considering she's about to pass-"

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