Buy me a Coffee Clubhouse Pay-it-forward Social Chain

Guess you must have heard about Clubhouse, maybe you have joined already, maybe you are looking for an invitation code...

Days ago, I was the one asking around to get a code. Haha...finally I got it. The “search process” inspired me to do a test and at the same time pass on a good deed.

I have created a Pay-it-forward fund raising campaign for the brain tumor treatment of my husband. Everyone who wants the limited Clubhouse code can join the community I set up and run for passing the code. Expecting every supporter will follow the game rule, my design and facilitation will fulfil everyone’s pursue for the Clubhouse Invite code. More importantly, the involvement of everyone will in turn become blessing and support to my husband. It is a charity relay!

The campaign indeed has one more layer of meaning as it is also an experiment which I will conduct study on the design theory, tech concept as well as social behavior. I believe the result should be quite interesting and I hope the community will be benefited from the study.

With Clubhouse is a place where one can listen to others’ voice and let his own voice heard, I think the campaign will help support #Idea_Exchange. All proceed, i.e. 100% of the Coffee patronage will go to the funding for the brain tumor treatment of my better half. This is another meaningful checkbox.

I need people to make it work. So, if you are interested in the study, need a Clubhouse invite or simply you want to support the good cause, join me. Please help share the campaign and ask your connection to reshare to make the chain works.

More details of it as below:

Please help add more beauty to the world! Thanks a lot!