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Being Thankful/Giving Thanks/Thanksgivin ...

Being Thankful/Giving Thanks/Thanksgiving Music Activities

Nov 21, 2022

In the States, we are coming up to the shortened week where many of us teach for two or two-and-a-half days before we have a break for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Some of us are preparing for an upcoming concert but would like to have an activity that might center around the events that occur in November. Others just finished a Veteran’s Day Concert and would like activities that are musically fun. While others know that the students will be excited about the upcoming time off, so activities that can handle their extra energy are ideal.

For these reasons, I decided to jump back into Wakelet after the October (Fall) Videos for Elementary Music Class 2022 Edition and follow it up with Being Thankful/Giving Thanks/Thanksgiving Activities Wakelet. This Wakelet is a collection of activities for early childhood and elementary music classrooms that can be used in November or at a time of year when needed depending on the theme. I performed a deep-dive into many of the elementary music education networks to find the activities that came highly recommended.

The categories are:

  • Games and Dances 4:01

  • Rhythm and Body Percussion Play-Along Videos 5:28

  • Songs 6:54

  • Boomwhackers 8:21

  • Orff and Ukulele 9:10

  • Being Thankful/Being Grateful 9:34

  • Articles 10:04

  • Teachers Pay Teachers 10:14


Wakelet Tips:

Tip 1: Wakelet will play YouTube videos inside of its platform with no advertisements or having to leave Wakelet. Just click the full-screen icon for the video to appear fully on the screen.

Tip 2: When using this Wakelet, please view the video or activity before using it in your classroom. I included a variety of activities and videos found by many amazing music educators. However, just because the activity works well with their students in their classrooms, does not mean it will work well with your students in your classroom. You will have to look over the activity and decide if it is appropriate for your classroom.

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