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Skin and Bones Play-Along for Vocal, Xylos, Percussion, BW, Recorders, Ukuleles, and Movem

Aug 08, 2022

This is the sixth installment of my summer project of creating play-along videos of songs and concepts found in the Kodály and Orff Schulwerk approaches. This week, I feature Skin and Bones Play-Along (Boomwhackers, Ukuleles, Xylophones, Recorder, Percussion, and Movement) video. Like my resources? Please consider buying me a coffee at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/elmusedtech It is very early to present this video and it is still a work in progress. Plus, I realize that this song can only be used if Halloween themes are supported. I discovered this song early on in my teaching career because my first graders studied poetry and would study this poem in October. The video is complete, however, the resources are not finished yet and will be finished later in September and available on my TPT page.

To break down the video to be used in a way that best supports your teaching styles and students:

  • 00:20 Vocals

  • 01:16 Bass Part

  • 02:29 Percussion Parts

  • 03:23 Boomwhacker Parts

  • 04:25 Recorder Parts (I usually teach the Chorus first before deep-diving into the verses)

  • 05:29 Ukulele

  • 06:31 Movement Activity (description)

  • 06:43 All parts combined

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