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NIH Destroys Fauci🙊💩🍿💣

NIH Destroys Fauci🙊💩🍿💣

Oct 22, 2021

Last year calling your friends who were not afraid to state facts crazy was in style heavy. This year many of those same individuals are having to eat their words on a minute by minute bases. When something does not make sense to you or you cannot seem to wrap your mind around what someone is presenting at the time, that does not necessarily mean they are crazy or talking out of turn.

Yesterday the NIH (National Institutes of Health) came forward and dismantled everything surrounding Dr. Anthony Fauci's testominy to Congress earlier this year. If you don't remember what happened here is a quick catch up for you. Not only did the good doctor sit and blodly lie about funding in Wuhan, he also had the gaul to call a senator out as the one lying.

Jen Paski, White House press secretary, even went on record scoffing and downplaying all claims from the GOP.

Then yesterday the NIH made sure it all came crashing in on them from a factual standpoint.

So my good people what is the lesson to be learned from these last two years?

  • "Conspiracy Theorists" have a better track record than MSM.

  • You owe your family and friends an apology for being so hard on them.

  • Your unvaxxed neighbor is not and has never been your enemy.

  • Turn the Television off and pick up a book or read an article that isn't mainstream.

  • Keep buying the mainstream bs and you may find yourself not on this Earth much longer.

  • Stay hydrated and if you have not taken the time to look into things for yourself, hold your tounge and watch how you speak to and of those who have.

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