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🚨Pfizer vaccine injury data ordered rel ...

🚨Pfizer vaccine injury data ordered released by judge shows shocking risk level

Dec 06, 2021

In total, Pfizer discloses the existence of 42,086 adverse event case reports containing 158,893 total events, including 1,227 deaths. 25,957 of the events were classified as “Nervous system disorders.” So for those who think that somehow VAERS is not accurate or is overreporting deaths, these are numbers straight from the horse’s mouth just through February.

People have long scoffed at the VAERS site and at last it finally came straight from the horses mouth. Pfizer's data release that a judge ordered to be released seems to have some alarming numbers and reactions of their own recorded. OOOOH 💩 gotta love those judges that are tired of the lack of transparency!🍿🍿

You can read more on this: 👇🏾👇🏾

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