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Remember When The US & NATO Backed Ukrai ...

Remember When The US & NATO Backed Ukraine Last Time...

Apr 02, 2022

I know, you read that and probably thought, damn its all coming together. But I hope you read the entire slide above. Note the yellow letters. (this excerpt was taken from an article in 2014. Regarding the conflict that was happening in Ukraine at that time, 8 years ago. Same place it is happening today. Full 2014 Article)

I bring this up, because I find it quite interesting that even 8 years ago, Russia was holding tight to their claims that Ukraine was waging war on its own citizens. Does this not sound familiar as to what is still being said today?

Like I have said so many times on my SM, when you are not the creator of an event, it is best to sit back while gaining as much knowledege for clarification. People forget, good intentions are simply that, unless excuated correctly. And if you are running off half-cocked thinking you know the full 411 without really knowing...then your good intentions will come back to bite you. I've seen it happen far too many times.

Fastforward to (the same, ongoing) conflict in Ukraine. The only reason the US is worried is because they need a place to clean/hide their money, IMO. Think about it, why send all this aid to Ukraine? How do you clean dirty money? (The show Ozark will teach you just how to do that, if you are lost on the art of money laundering.)

At the beginning of March, NATO was put on blast for posting pictures of Ukrainian soliders sporting the Black Sun (a known Nazi symbol). What was their reply to being called out? They took the picture down immediately and said, "They had no clue."

Later in March, you have Volodymeyr Zelenskyy show up sporting an iron cross on his shirt while asking for help from our nation's leader. Least we forget this man is a professional actor and owns a production company.

But, the footage that keeps me tuning in are ones like these next three videos. You won't see these on MSM. And after you watch them, you might better understand why. You might also better understand why, even though my heart goes out to those in the mess, I can't sit on this side of the world and honestly pick a side. What I can do, is continue to broaden awareness to all parts of the insanity.

From a citizen that is in the heart of the chaos....

compilation video put together by unknown source. Footage taken from multiple sources. Shot by citizens sitting through the chaos.


Did they say Azov? Yes Azov, you know the Special Operations detachment, AKA Azov Regiment, or simply Azov. They are a Ukrainian National Guard unit.

Azov regime, this article below may interest you.

Is Russia responsible for ALL of these bombs and destruction going down in Ukraine? Well, sitting where I'm sitting; I'm but 1 woman with 3 devices sifting through MSM, and the underground (citizens in the chaos and news sources.) My logical brain tells me to hold the area up in pray, while gaining knowledge because everything is not what it seems.

What are your senses telling you?

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