Finally, after months of progress, I am finally ready to share my fantasy map with you.

Drawing a map was always on my to-do list whilst building my novel, and it gives a great visual indication for myself (and beta readers) of where each kingdoms lies geographically. I'm a huge fan of maps in fantasy books and always take the time to study them before diving into a new world.

Let me tell you a little about each kingdom.

The story begins in Thilia, a vast grasslands dense with trees and cities. It's capital The Citadel, home to King Eldon Eysenlaan, is the biggest city in all the five kingdoms, and has the largest temple to the Goddess Heirus within it.

Neighbouring Thilia, though separated by the Iron Mountains, is Lunaris, or 'Land of the Sun'. This sand dune scattered landscape is home to the Suncleaver's, Royal rulers of Lunaris. The Royal Palace is located in the white city of Kyros, surrounded by a great desert. To the South lies the Solar Vale, the southernmost inhabited place in all five kingdoms. To the East, the gold mines of Idiskus.

North of Thilia we have the Black Coast, residence of Irvyn Deadaxe, or as he is more commonly known, the 'King without a Crown'. This Crownless King resides in Volhurn Castle, a grand stone fortress nestled beside towering mountains.

The northernmost kingdom is the Stonelands. At Stonehall Castle, King Sten's rule diminishes. The King's son Hadrian, and Sten's sister, Lady Gull, are left to repair what trust has been lost between him and his people. Once a nation of mighty warriors, loyalties lie scattered, independent rulers taking up ownership of segments in this broken kingdom.

Our final kingdom is Kilead Isle, home of marauder Queen Ashe Candra. Having taken the Stonelands isle of Oqual's Deep from Sten's rule, she now sets her sights on more affluent areas.

There you have it! It's likely this will be adjusted later on, names may be changed, and areas moved or amended, but you get the gist. This map was drawn using a drawing tablet/stylus and Adobe Photoshop.