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I miss the old internet, where we were hungry for information, had almost full privacy but acted as decent - if not more - as normal life because we had a "reputation". We had funny emails and had the same nickname to all the different forums, boards so we woud recognize our cyber friends! We used to sign a complete stranger's guestbook with kind and caring words! The amazing mostly open source sofware for browsing, emailing, chatting, gaming... Those were the days! Before big tech, consumurism, greed and laziness took over.

Enough reminiscing, I am trying to bring it back, slowly :)

For the people!

No Tracking or any 3rd party tracking cookies, software!No Ads, paywalls, subliminal messaging, influencing, partnershipping, or spamNo push, No notification, No subscription mailing list. Live your life, come look at the information when you need to, in your own time.You can use 99% of Elxsy and services without signing up!Elxsy only asks for your email when you sign-up for your own convenience. Till we find a better way...Your data is TRULY yours. The only eyes on that data forever will be yours or whomever you choose to share it with.Elxsy stores your important data as mumbo-jumbo (encrypted) that itself can't understand without the right key!Elxsy made by people for the people. There will never be any analysis, mining or god forbid teaching dumb machines smart tricks with your data.You can delete ALL your data on demand.I am thinking of ways to provide complete data transparency without hindering security, if you have any ideas please do come forward.