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I am currently working on Diabetic & Me that shares the stories behind the lives of people with diabetes.

I have lived with type 1 diabetes since March of 1996. Living with diabetes didn’t make my life easier but it did open a new world and created new friendships. I always tried to do something back for the diabetes community. Creating this website is a first step towards that goal.

I focus on interviewing people with diabetes and sharing their stories online. I came to the conclusion I wasn’t the only one with certain problems or feelings that go hand in hand with the life of a diabetic. I wanted to share these stories online to help others.

A second part of this website is listing diabetic friendly places. You have a wide variety of restaurants for vegans, vegetarians, … but it’s not always easy as a diabetic to eat out. With your help we can list more diabetic friendly places and help out others.

Focussing on others showed me how people around the world live with diabetes.

I bring an honest and open account of my own life with diabetes but also the lives of others. I work hard to stay involved and give as much as I can back to the community that empowers and inspires me.

My website is not making any money at the moment and I am trying to survive. You have to get money somehow. So the fastest way is simply asking you, as a potential user of my website, for money.

So if you like what I build, you can support my products by buying me a coffee.

Thanks again! I appreciate you stopping by.

Ely Fornoville

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