Jesus stepped forward to his disciples and spoke perhaps the HEAVIEST statement that has ever been made:

Mat 28:18
(18)  And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me."

Let that sink in. All, in the Greek, means "all". What Adam lost, the last Adam reclaimed. The VERY BEST the devil has is a suggestion of authority. He has a large mouth, and he uses it often to tell humanity what he is going to do if they do not comply with his demands. But he knows if someone actually calls him on it (which is becoming more frequent) he has to back off - if not immediately flee the scene. What he is able to achieve is allowed by the Church, who is not always mature enough to identify and stop every scheme. But... that is changing.

The enemy talks big, with brash claims, showy demonstrations, and vicious threats. For those who walk in the Spirit, however, such fleshly noise-making should be unimpressive. Even boring. Truthfully, the kingdom of darkness is no longer intact. A kingdom sans authority is only a collection of meaningless symbols exalted by vain imaginations.