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Disappearing High Places

Disappearing High Places

Apr 05, 2022

A marvelous time is coming when a great, undeniable light will shine upon the earth. The prophet Habakkuk said it this way:

Hab 2:14
(14)  For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

As the waters cover the sea? That, my friends, is thorough! Last I checked, the waters always cover the sea! So absolute will this covering be! But anytime there is a flood, the last places to be concealed beneath the waters are the high places. Remember the high places? These are where the enemy has set up his last bastions. From the valleys, the high places look formidable, if not invincible. But we serve a God who knows how to overcome high places. He raises the water level of knowledge of His glory in the earth. What exactly does this mean?

The knowledge of His glory comprises a realization that happens on a personal level for each of us, yet it shakes all things temporal. Once a person experiences the Love of the Father, there is no returning to a life of unblissful ignorance. Oh, there are people who reject Him, sadly. But nobody remains neutral. Is this not what we are seeing in the world? How many people do you know that are fence-sitters on life and death issues? How many can take tyranny or leave it? Freedom... it's okay for some people. No! Live and let live is a dead world-view, and it is so because the level of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord is rising. The mountain peaks that are still visible are heavily concentrated with the loud, angry voices of those who are perishing, and are doing so with a defiant fist in the air.

Strangely, the very symbol for those who believe and trust in the Lord... is a fish. Let the water level of the knowledge of his glory rise! We can swim!

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