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Hidden Pictures of Christ in the Old Testament - 6

Jan 10, 2022


Moses was considered the greatest prophet by the Jews. Honored as the greatest deliverer of the Jewish people and known as the "friend of God", it's not a stretch to think that there might be many similarities between his life and the life of Jesus. Here are a few of those parallels:

  • We could see his Moses's mother, but couldn't see his father

  • Both Moses and Jesus were born during a mandated slaughter of babies by insecure kings

  • Although born in Egypt, it was not the true home of Moses as his family was captive. Egypt became the home of Jesus for a short while as His family fled Harrod.

  • Moses was delivered by the water of the Nile into his destiny. Jesus from the waters of the Jordan into His.

  • Both originated in the halls of royalty in order to lead slaves to freedom

  • Both were shepherds of people.

  • In the story of Reuel, his daughters claimed "An Egyptian man rescued us." (Ex 2:17-19) Moses wasn't Egyptian – even though he probably looked like one. Jesus was not recognized by either the false shepherds, or the true shepherds.

  • Moses gave Reuel's ("friend of God") daughters water to drink. Jesus also provides water to those who will drink.

  • Moses was invited into Reuel's house and came in to live. This is what Jesus does, if invited.

  • Egypt represented sin, which Moses had to first enter in order to rescue the hostages. Jesus descended into the heart of the earth to set the captives free (Matt 12:40, 1 Pet 3:19).

  • Both died on a mountain before reaching the 'promised land'. For Jesus had to die before His kingdom could physically come to earth.

These are only a few of the more obvious similitudes. If you see some that I missed, please let me know!

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