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I'm an americana musician currently making country music with a conscience

Hello! I'm Cindy - it's good to meet you. Thanks for considering buying me a cuppa joe <3>

I'm a queer country musician making songs about good friends and hard times. It's important to me to tell the stories about love, friends, and how we as humans connect to each other and share experience. I believe that folks in this world are mostly good and want to create art that helps us all come together instead of being divided. Here's the official story of my music:

The Secret Emchy Society plays foot stompin' heart breakin' cowboy songs about good friends and hard times. Frontwoman Cindy Emch has been recently dubbed "the First Lady of Queer Country" by the Huffington Post and listed as one of the "Ten Queer Country Artists Music Fans Should Know" from

She sings deeply personal, fearless, and passionate tunes for the marginalized and festive alike.

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Kirk Haveman
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<3 well you're pretty amazing - thank you!

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You got it mister! I'll be using this to fuel ALL of the songwriting!

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Keep doin what you do Darlin! Xo

aw shucks - do we get to raise a glass in Vic soon. xo