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Closing Daily Texts <3

Dec 04, 2021

I wanted to thank you for your participation in the daily tasks and texting back and forth with me. It's been really fun celebrating with you and seeing your befores/afters!

I hope you've found that just starting something each day is a habit you're getting better at. Or that you've accomplished some tasks that had been sliding for too long. Or that you've celebrated your efforts and progress whenever they occur.

As the end of the year is getting closer, I've been thinking hard about all the balls I have in the air in this juggling act that is life. And while there are some I'm still going to juggle, and even a new one or two to pick up, there are several that I need to put down. This is one of those.

I hope you understand, and keep in touch in other places.

instagram.com/emilychapelle or tiktok.com/emilyplus3 are my personal IG and tok accounts if you'd like to follow and chat there.

Sending lots of love.



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