BFA in Film and Animation with a Creative Writing Minor. Screenwriter, but also a lover of prose.

Hello, hello! Welcome to my page. :) I write. And for the sake of this page, I will write what I'm tipped for!

And just to be fair, higher donations will get priority, but literally any tip whatsoever would literally make my day! Just leave a message to let me know what you'd like. I can send the work to you or post it on my Tumblr, whatever you'd prefer. :)

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what’s up!! you’re ultra cool. tbh i don’t have any specific prompts that you should write except for extremely fluffy, boyf, timmy. maybe like him being proud of u, or the two of u attending an event together. or just a classic bj. idk...there’s a reason i’m not the writer! more than anything, though, i hope that if someone wants a blurb and doesn’t have the means to tip you, but wishes they could, that maybe my tip could count for theirs. anyways ily and hope u enjoy the coffees!!