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Hi! We're the Orchid system. We have contributions to various open source projects, most of which are related to Minecraft modding.

At Modrinth, we are the community managers, lead moderators, and Gradle wranglers, amongst other roles, and at QuiltMC, we are moderators, alongside a couple other roles.

We've even made a few mods of our own, all of which can be found on our Modrinth page.

None of these roles pay anything at all, though. Since our mods are only available on Modrinth, we don't receive anything at all monetarily. All we've received is $20 from Curse points when we worked on a mod called ConsistencyPlus for a few months, though we no longer receive any such points for moral reasons.

In any event, by setting this page up, we're hoping to get a bit more than $20 out of our thousands of hours put into Minecraft modding. Nothing extravagant - after all, this is a hobby, not a job - but maybe just enough to let us buy a really nice pair of programmer socks or something. :)

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