I've always felt I have not known my "path" in life. Maybe you can relate? Even as a young kid, I'd write different careers in this little year book that housed my school photos. Hairdresser...like that time I decided to cut my friends pony tail off as a preschooler, oops! Teacher...being a big sister & "leader" type personality, this came naturally. It was always me directing others around in games with whoever was the oldest in any given group. Yet, I never thought to write Mother. I guess it never occurred to me that it could be a fulfilling way to serve the world.

Fast forward to now having 2 little humans to care for and I can honestly say it's my favourite job to date! There are many, many challenges & pull your hair out moments. I can be real about that. But at the end of everyday I go to bed with a real sense of satisfaction & contentment. They have helped me to become ever more ME. Which is such a strange thing to say...as don't we lose ourselves & try to get "back" when we transform maiden into mother? I guess I want to move forward & leave the past in the past. There are elements of maiden life I miss & grieve too. This is not a share about motherhood being perfect, the best ever or the only defining thing about me. More pointing out that my kids have forced me to find my purpose, to look at my triggers, to learn more, to lean into all the discomfort & letting go.

For as they were born, so too was I. As a Mother. As a Writer. As a Guide for other Mum's too. It's only just recently I can name this & share it with confidence!

Maybe one day I'll write a book on this stuff. I literally have a title already saved in a note in my phone, so it's starting as an idea. A seed to germinate. I guess it's much like growing & birthing children...to create a book. Perhaps my third child?!

A final note. Something to consider. How do you view motherhood? As a Mum yourself maybe? The way you see your own Mum? The things you think when you see Mum's walking down the street. In my eyes at least, there is so much value, so much contribution to society that is missed when we don't truly SEE the Mum's of the world.