I've been in a pit lately. Cleaning up bodies, moping about not having time to write. Well, not just that but it seemed every time I thought I would be able to spend some time writing, something would crop up and steal it away or I would be so tired from my other responsibilities (working two jobs now - ugh!) that I just couldn't focus. I was begging, screaming (at my friends on twitter) to just get something done, anything, even installing ios14 on my phone - but I couldn't even do that.

Well, I'm pleased to report that this morning I finished preparing one of my stories to sell on here, and uploaded it. I accomplished something and the barrier broke. I was able to climb out of the pit.

Since then I've been happy, and adjusted like a sane person and even done more writing. Yes! Long may it continue because I get bored of staring at the same scenes of The Damsel trying to edit them.