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Imagine Being Critical of MCU Stans

Jan 14, 2022

MCU stans are used to a diet of popcorn, candy and soda. So when they finally get some broccoli in their company restricted diet plan they spit it out in disgust. How dare it have nutrients! What is all this... vitamins? Iron? Who needs that. Not my body. Doesn't matter if you put it in a well made dish with a lavish, creamy sauce and a multitude of other ingredients to enhance the flavour, the reaction is the same "ugh broccoli. Worst food ever!"

Eternals has almost everything the MCU has been lacking. I can't really blame MCU stans who have been living in a cave staring at shadows. Yeah, I'm mixing my metaphors, got with it. Those shadows are entertaining. Even in reality they can recognise similarities to the shadows - good guys, bad guys, superpowers, lives at stake, conflict, build up to a big fight - but the newer details, the depth and complexity to reality has them staggered and distracted. Maybe if they spent more time outside their cave they might learn to appreciate the broccoli.
Personally I loved the refreshing elements here. There is no real good guy or bad guy. Even the characters I wanted to hate, I couldn't because they had totally fleshed out, believable reasons for acting the way they did - and I don't just mean I understood them, I empathized with them. The good guys have done some terrible things. The bad guys have done some great things. There just different life forms doing what they want or have been told to do. That adds so much more complexity to the ideas and decisions that the characters find themselves embroiled in.

Add to that the fact that Eternals has a fantastically diverse cast: ethnic minorities, disabled, LGBTQ are clearly represented and the film does fight scenes better than most other modern movies to date purely because you can follow the CGI heavy action clearly.

Thoroughly enjoyable and rewatchable for its complex themes. Eternals is the most rich and artistic MCU film to date and definitely one of its best.

Summary: Eat your Broccoli

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