Yeah, I don't do Nano. It actually annoys the hell out of me and is just a constant month long reminder that I am in fact a slow piece of shit, as other writers bang out 50K words like it's no problem and tweet about it all day. If I could do nano I would do it every month. Why wouldn't everybody? But every time I have tried to make more time to do writing I end up overworking myself and damaging my health: migraines, eye strain, cold's taking advantage of my lower immune system - you name it.

So I am stuck with the few lines I can write at a time on bus journeys to work and in-between work things and friend things which was great when I first started. I loved seeing how I could make progress in the smallest of moments in any place I found myself in. Now, however, I'm just annoyed at facing the same sentences I've been looking at all week. That damn same paragraph. Progress is so slow and infuriating. I'd rather just not, and wait for a longer opportunity to write, but these are rarer than a golden unicorn and as I've often found out when they do come along I'm much too tired to do anything with them.

So I guess I'm just stuck hating writing and everyone else for doing writing until Nano disappears again or until something good happens to me to lift my mood. In short, I don't know if I'm going to get this secret project finished for the end of the month. I'm a little worried I'm disconnected from it now. I haven't written anything in a week and that's usually long enough to break the flow and lose interest in the idea. But maybe that's for the best. Maybe I can find a new idea. One that isn't totally out of my ability anyway.