Your affirmation of the day ☕

Your affirmation of the day ☕

Sep 21, 2021

Good morning beautiful soul. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's begin with your affirmation for today ☕🥰

"Everything is for me, not against me"

Sweet, short and too the point. These are my favourite kinds of affirmations! But what can this mean for you?

Sometimes we can feel like life is against us, and it can feel like we are jumping over hurdle after hurdle...after hurdle! Wondering when the finishing line will be in sight. But the truth is, there is no finishing line and the problems we face, the uncomfortable situations we are in are what make us grow and evolve. Look at everything you have been through up to now and look at what you have overcome. I bet you are a stronger and wiser person for it!

Life is happening for us not to us, we can easily forget this (even I am guilty of falling into the trap of letting my ego get the better of me) but when you integrate your ego, you learn there are no problems to fix, there are just the aligned responses of the souls reality. Changing the way you see things can greatly impact how much it effects you therefore meaning the big hurdles aren't so hard to get over anymore.

"Everything is for me, not against me"

If you feel this resonates with you today. Say it as many times as you can. Whether your just getting out of bed, in the shower, making your morning cup of coffee, driving or even going to bed. Say it out loud or in your mind through out the day until every cell of your being fills up with this beautiful affirmation!

If you know someone who might need to hear this affirmation too, share it with them and help make someone else's day feel just that bit easier 💕

I hope the rest of your day is filled with love, light and infinite joy. See you tomorrow morning

Love and light

Lu x

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