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Hey there! Welcome to the Empowered Humans Buy Me A Coffee page! My name is Donna Marsh. I'm the Founder of Empowered Humans.
If you've been here before, you'll notice that I've updated things for the second season of my podcast, Unfringed.  I have also recently launched a digital school, Empowered U! The school currently offers a beginner's meditation course with a Master Course being built based on the content of my first book, "Empowered: Thriving beyond the status quo." I have a second book in the works and I am excited to invite you to join me at our first live Empowered Humans retreat in April of 2023! 

Empowered Humans is a non-profit organization that, with a little help from friends like you, is growing into a global community of sharing, education, and collaborative efforts to spread unity, peace, knowledge, and empowerment for anyone who seeks it.

This page exists to allow those of you who enjoy the Empowered Humans content to support my efforts and help cover costs like podcast hosting, marketing, providing episode transcripts for the hearing impaired, equipment, book publication costs, travel for speaking engagements, course platform hosting and build-outs, and, of course, all the coffee necessary to keep up with it all! Your donations allow me to spend more time and energy creating and delivering fresh, interesting, and entertaining content...content I believe can be life-changing for many. 

Thanks for being a part of my vision to co-create a more empowered world. 

With love & gratitude,
Donna & The E.H. Team

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