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Coming to Tanzania: How to Optimize Your ...

Coming to Tanzania: How to Optimize Your Experience

Aug 12, 2022

As I’ve spent the last almost year and half in Tanzania, I have been accumulating lots of useful knowledge.

Though I have been sharing things bit by bit and piece by piece, I thought it was time to organize contacts, resources, and experience into a format to be easily accessible by those who could use it.

Why take this course?

You’ve been thinking about visiting, perhaps even moving to Tanzania.

You need some insight, resources, and ideas.

This course is packed with all of the “need to know” information that you definitely want to have for your first trip to Tanzania.

Do you need some contacts to get you started once you arrive? We’ve got you covered!

Enhanced value:

This course features exclusive contacts for professional drivers, real estate agent, lawyer (advocate) and other resources, too.

Packed inside:

  • 5 eBooks

  • 3 Professional Contacts

  • Budgeting Conversion Template

  • Resource Discussions

  • Videos and much more!

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