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Large Update Published - Advance DCA Tool PRO V2.0

Sep 22, 2022

Hi all,

A huge update has been published for the Advanced DCA Tool PRO. The script has now moved onto V2.00 with the following changes. To celebrate this big update, there is now a [50% - Off] Sale on Monthly and Annual Subscriptions πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Žβ˜•

  • Added Short Signals

  • Added ASAP Refined - Instant Start

  • Added ASAP Refined - Signal Start

  • Added Strategy User Input - This allows users to add their own custom signals to the most current version of the Advanced DCA Tool.

  • Added Compounding of profits

  • Added Base Order (%)

  • Added Safety Order (%)

  • Updated Basic Safety Order Info Table

  • Updated Dynamic Safety Order Info Table

  • Removed 'One Deal Over Budget - Very Expensive' from Dynamic Volumes

  • Added 'Use Full Budget' to Dynamic Volumes

  • Removed 'Fixed/Scaled' option under Dynamic Volumes, now if the user would like Fixed, set 'RC Scale Factor (X)' to '1.00'

  • Removed 'Minimum Order ($/#)' option under Dynamic Volumes, now 'Safety Order Size ($/#)' is now multifunctional and acts as 'Minimum Order ($/#).

  • Added Dynamic Volumes - Simple Overbudget Indicator.

  • Added Dynamic Volumes - Detailed Overbudget Indicator and Current Deal Status.

  • Added Break Even Strategy, Wick or Body of candle options.

  • Removed 'Enable Break Even after Last Safety' and replaced with far more capable 'Enable Break Even after X Safety Orders'. Value of Zero is disabled.

  • Removed 'Enable Break Even after Max Budget', and replaced with far more capable 'Enable Break Even after X Spend'. Value of Zero is disabled.

  • Removed Enable Stop Loss checkbox. Now the user enters a value into 'Stop Loss Value (%)'. A Value of Zero is disabled.

  • Removed 'Stop New Deals on Trigger'.

  • Removed Unorganised 'Style' Options.

  • Updated Tool Tips

  • Added Action Delay to prevent stacked Alert Outputs

  • Added Help sections - Definitions, Instructions, and FAQ/Troubleshooting - To be completed.

  • Organised and Numbered Settings Menu.

Thanks again to all the supporters πŸ˜Žβ˜•

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