Well...this is episode 50 of the podcast (excluding special episodes) and, fittingly, it's the Halloween Special that I've been planning more-or-less since I started the thing.

It was really fun taking these short tales by Frederick Cowles and weaving them into an overarching narrative, just like one of the horror anthology movies I grew up on.

It was fun also getting my kids involved to play two mysterious trick-or-treaters.

When I started the podcast (and YouTube channel) I was just trying things, taking advice, looking at what others were doing...and it's worked pretty well...but over time you get to find what works for you. So, now I have an active and growing Patreon account and people are also able to join my YouTube channel, posting updates on this site seems a bit redundant. I'm not sure anyone looks at them anyway and, ultimately, it's just an extra thing to do in a hobby/side-hustle that already takes up an inordinate amount of time.

Just in case you are reading...this is the last time I'll share a video on here, and maybe the last update for a while. 

You can find me on YouTube and in your pod places.