I've been planning this episode for such a long time. I downloaded some of the sound effects for it back in JUNE 2021! 

My big trouble doing the podcast is that, although I have a rough plan of upcoming stories, I keep researching and reading and come across new stories - and get sidetracked.

So...finally...here's my narration of a bona fide classic: "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I was actually quite apprehensive about recording it. It seemed an important one to get right...

I suspect it won't be my most popular episode. Not only are there numerous readings of this online, but also I suspect some of my regular listeners don't like my American accent stories, or my voicing of female characters - and you get the double whammy here!

I've been very busy today (had a day off work-work) so now have the next three stories ready to edit, mix and upload.

Patrons can expect more patron-only stories in the next fortnight too.

You can find "The Yellow Wallpaper" in your pod places and on YouTube. And right here.