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I speak about mental health in schools, write books, create games, and more.

Years ago I went through a difficult time with anxiety. Afterwards, I wrote a book and gave a TED talk about what I learned, and now I try to help others to manage their mental health, thoughts & feelings better.

Your support is hugely appreciated. Without it, what I'm doing would be literally impossible.

Check out my other work at 

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Eliz Hopkins
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Happy birthday Neil xxx

Shelagh Cummings
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Neil you always make me smile, laugh, or think - all of these are medicine.  So you are a life saver of a sort ! Thanks for all you do and for who you are!😊 

Anne Fitzpatrick
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My daughter, who quizzed with you, gave me both your books. As a teacher I felt that they were excellent and easily accessible for young adults. Please keep doing what you are doing. Well done!

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