The Simple Method for Creating New Habit ...

The Simple Method for Creating New Habits

Mar 29, 2020

You can use this method to form the habits I discuss in The Ef- fortless Life. Here’s the basic method:

  1. Come up with a plan. Take 1 week to analyze your be- haviors, pick a trigger, plan out how you’ll overcome your obstacles, pick the time of day you’ll implement habit, plan who your support network will be, and decide what your motivations

  2. Pick only ONE small, positive habit — just 5 minutes to start with. You will expand it later, but start as small as possible. This is extremely important. If you can do the first week without missing a day, you can increase it to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes the third week,

  3. Do the habit immediately after the trigger for 4-6 weeks. Build in Try never to skip it. The more consis- tent you are, the stronger the habit.

  4. Build in positive feedback. Focus on enjoyment, make it a game, create competition, do it with a partner or group if possi-

  5. Report daily to a social group (blog, Twitter, Facebook, email, or friends at work), use them for support when things get difficult. When you feel like not doing the habit, have one or more people you can call on for

  6. Test, Adjust, Iterate Immediately. When you start a habit change, you are testing an approach, and it is very possible it will fail … this is good information, and you should use it to adjust your approach, and retry as soon as possible.

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