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Communications of all sorts is my thing. I typically express myself in the form of poetry but I also dabble in short story writing and blogging. 

Reading tarot is my thing as well! I have so much fun reading for myself, my family, and now for you all!

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m not a coffee connoisseur– I’m THEE coffee connoisseur! If you follow me on Instagram (@enyjemai), my absolute favorite coffee is from McDonald’s! 

  • I’m an Almond Chocolate Milk connoisseur! I prefer making my own, though Silk’s chocolate almond milk is pretty good!

  • I’m a student of the cosmos! Find me somewhere out of space, chilling, and soaking up lessons from the sun, moon, and the rest of the planets! 

  • I’m the Sunflower Empress! I love LOVE sunflowers! I also love Miosotis flowers also known as Forget Me Not! 

  • Vintage Cars are my weakness! I LOVE A VINTAGE, CLASSICAL CAR!!!! I love cars in general– new and old. 

  • I’m 19-years-old! My birthday is May 26th... yes, I’m a Gemini aka THEE best sign! I’m a Cancer Moon + Rising just in case anyone is wondering. 

  • “Infinity and Beyond,” is my motto. Yes, I got it from Buzz Lightyear. 

  • I’m honestly a Disney Fanatic. I didn’t think I was but recently, I realized that I am. I mean, I always loved Disney and only watched Disney but like, I really really love Disney!