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Heyyy! We're Eoin and Aisling, a couple of big kids from Ireland, we have packed our bags and set off to follow our dreams and explore the world!! 🗺️ We started our journey by walking from the very top of Croatia to the very bottom with nothing but our bags, tent and camera!  We then hopped on a plane too Thailand, and hope to be traveling around Asia for the next year and we will see what happens after that 🗺️✈️ We love exploring new places, having a good laugh and experiencing unique and amazing adventures!! We have decided to document our travels through our YouTube Channel and we have more daily content on our Instagram - Eoin_and_aisling We like to give a true representation of travelling in 2022 and love to help out other travelers where we can. If you enjoy our videos and like the content we are putting out, we would love if you could check out the Channel (and subscribe 😉) ✌🏻

Eoin and Aisling

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