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Hello and welcome to Equine Voices Podcast. My name is Ronnie an intuitive equine communicator. 

I’ll be Sharing stories and personal thoughts (from my own perspective) on how my life has changed for the better, by changing my limited believes one step at a time. 

This has impacted not only on my personal life but also in my work with horses too.

I'll be sharing this space with like minded people, who have very kindly agreed to join me in an interview . . .  (well it's more of a chat really) 

This is a great way to share their interests, skills and life experiences which may give guidance (or a lightbulb moment!) to someone on their journey, into discovering how they wish to proceed or find another way in this world we call life. 

With the help of good friends, self help and lots of soul searching, I feel I'm now in a much better place, however I've still a long way to go but then isn't that what life is all about.

The journey, not necessarily the destination. 

I hope you enjoy the podcasts, I’m excited to share my interviews a few of my stories and hopefully get to hear some of your life experiences too.
Regards Ronnie