The honest answer for me would be yes, but it's truly a gift.

You see although my brain won’t quit I would like the opportunity to help others on their journey because not all of the ideas in my head are for me. So I really want to share my gift.

I’m also learning to be more organized with notes in my phone or in a journal. I am trying to be more digital, yes I have spilled coffee on my notebook, because I can carry my ideas with me.

I started this page to hold myself accountable for everything I want to do in my multi-passionate journey. I want more friends to share it with and who can say to me - me too!

I love writing, drawing, and painting. I have a main niche but I want to tap into the others now. Consulting for me is step one and so far I only have 2 clients but hopefully the universe will bring more.

If you have been running from things for a while and signs are showing you to run toward them. Turn around.

-Love ya, ET